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Ms. Lakshmi Mittal is a licensed attorney and qualified Company Secretary from India. She worked as Senior Law Consultant with Serious Fraud investigation Office, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. During her tenure, Ms. Mittal represented the Government of India in a few landmark cases in apex courts for corporate criminal and financial fraud matters. She also managed her own law firm dealing with corporate compliance, corporate governance, real estate and family laws matters. Ms. Mittal moved to United States with her husband and 13 year old daughter. She volunteers at the office of Legal Services of Northern Virginia. She has recently been appointed as Director- US affairs by All India Bar Association. Ms. Mittal is pursuing her LL.M. degree in United States Law at George Mason starting this fall 2016. She is passionate about Indian classical music and always curious to learn new things from different cultures.

Ms. Lakshmi Mittal

Hindi, Marwari, English

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A Top Tier Law Degree on your Resume

George Mason University’s Scalia School of Law is ranked as a Tier 1 law school in the U.S. i.e. law  schools categorized in the top 50 in the US by U.S. News Law School rankings and #18 for Study of Law in the Shanghai’s Global Ranking.

Become a US certified attorney 

The LLM in US Law at GMU qualifies non-US educated lawyers to write the Bar Exam in California and the state of Washington – making you eligible to become a US certified attorney.

Great Return on your Investment

Earn a top-tier LL.M. at less than 40% of the cost of a full-time program. This program costs only $26,000 (~Rs.18 lakhs) all inclusive, with no additional living expenses or other costs. Since, the program is delivered completely online (including assessments), it can be pursued along with your legal practice or job (resulting in no loss of earnings and a much higher RoI). Most importantly, at the end of the program you are awarded a degree that is equivalent to a full-time program and can open a world of opportunities in India and globally.

LL.M. in US Laws for non-U.S. lawyers

The LL.M. is aimed at non-US lawyers and specifically designed to prepare foreign lawyers for the challenge of global practice. This program will enable you to serve the demands of your global clients or clients whose cross-border interests implicate US law. You will also be able to work effectively with your US-trained counterparts.

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Easy Admission Process & Continuous Support 

Using the LSAC Admission system and the support of academic counselors in India, a candidate can quickly gain admission to the LL.M and complete the same in a flexible manner. All queries and issues are taken care of by a 24x7 troubleshooting team at the University and direct access to the Professors of any course being undertaken.


Flexible and Convenient

The LL.M. is delivered completely online (including assessments). This is an asynchronous program - which means you study and complete the courses at your own pace using recorded lectures, online readings and online quizzes and assignments that can be taken or submitted at your own time (and in your timezone). So you can complete this program at your convenience whether from home or office, without taking a break in your current job/profession.